Extra lamps may be fitted to the classic BMC or Rover Mini in many different combinations depending on the type of lamp bar installed.

With the "Florida" and "Italian Job" style lamp bars, you may fit a row of 3 identical driving lights (also known as spotlights), or 2 fog lights either side and a central driving light.

The "Low" lamp bar allows up to 4 driving lamps to be fitted in a row, or a pair of fog lamps and a pair of driving lamps to be fitted symmetrically.

The "Mega" lamp bar allows the fitting of up to 6 lamps, which may be either a row of 4 identical driving lights or a row of 2 fog lights and 4 central driving lights combined upwards and downwards from the bar.

You must also remember that the lamps must be connected to the car's electrical system in a manner that complies with the current MOT regulations (or the equivalent if outside of the UK), and that all wiring should be safe and include the use of relays to switch high current where necessary.

Driving lamps are usually wired in so that they switch on with the car's main beam circuit, requiring a relay to switch the additional 10 Amps or so a pair of these lamps require. The extra load will be nearer 20 Amps if you decide to fit 4 driving lamps.

Fog lamps must be switched separately to other lighting circuits and will require an illuminated switch inside the car. By law, fog lamps must always be mounted symmetrically in pairs.

Wiring Kit : Ring RLFK 200 is available separately from our online shop.

This is a high quality kit that includes a 30 Amp fused relay, pre wired loom, illuminated switch, bracket, screws and connectors. Beware of cheap unreliable imitations that may overheat the lighting circuit and cause an underbonnet fire.

International customers should check their local vehicle lighting regulations before installation.